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daily_punctilio's Journal

All the News in Fits of Print
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"Well young lady, have you been good to your mother?"

"The question is, has she been good to me?"

This community is designed, and in no way disguised to give you the latest news and current events many of you may be interested in. Although it may resemble a journal, I assure you that this is a newspaper called The Daily Punctilio but conviently placed online in today's newest fashions. A very large amount of what is placed can also be found in the newspaper but also many things in secret that one cannot find in the usual paper and also a new wonderful collumn on other very interseting websites that are helpful. Just so as it is non-suspicious, we have placed an add in our news of this website to show others the way.

We of The Daily Punctilio will strive to make use of this wonderful new technology as a tool to relay our very prized and accounted for up-to-the-date news and sometimes secret information to you, our most prized public, and to make sure the world is once again aware of many happenings such as politics, world matters, and that places are extinguished of any fires.

"The World is Quiet Here."


-This lj community is moded by E and F, you can even check our ankles to be sure...