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Usually when I read one of the SoUE books I can always think of a way that the orphans could get out of their situation or a way to solve the problem ( though it usually involves violence, something I'm sure the orphans wouldn't resort to.. ). But I was thinking last night and I think that their problem with the two twin porters ( Their names escape me at the moment.. ) is actually quite a serious problem. Can anyone think of a way to tell the villain from the virtuous? Perhaps if the orphans asked both men to meet them somewhere the volunteer would show up early, because that is a polite thing to do and the villain would be their late because tardiness is a villainous characteristic? Let me hear your ideas!
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Ah, it's you!

Light a very small and contained fire and wait and see which one would make an effort to put it out?
Hah, aha!

That sounds like a good idea, hadn't thought of that. X3


March 20 2006, 18:53:01 UTC 10 years ago

In reply 2 your tardiness comment, the villian my do something to the good one so that hes late and so the good 1 didn't try to stop him doing evil