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(Is this allowed?)

I haven't read the new book. I have moved countries so I haven't gotten the book immediately but I'll get it tomorrow. I don't know if my VFD theories have been discussed before or if they're obvious or if I missed it or what, so I don't think there'll be any Penultimate Peril spoilers behind the cut.

Okay. Let's look at the families of orphans we know in the series.
1. The Baudelaires
2. The one with Fiona who was the sister of the hook handed man (was he adopted? Been a while...) except I don't think they were orphans. I haven't read these books in months or a year but I love them anyway.
3. The Quagmires.

Let's take the first letter of the first name of the oldest Baudelaire.


Let's take the first letter of the first name of the oldest InsertFiona'slastnamehere not including adopted people (assuming the hook handed man was adopted).


Let's take the first letter of the first name of the living Quagmire--because it's not really known in the fictional world of ASOUE that Quigley's alive except to the Baudelaries and some others--who is male because society seems to dominate males over females.



Here's another one, but people have reacted in both ways: 1) told me they knew that already, or 2) they went ballistic at my genius and yelled at me because I spoiled the books for them.

Look at the VFD eye. See how it says VFD because V is the eyebrow, F is the thingy in the middle, and D is the actual eye. I'm so proud I figured this out myself, I don't remember having read it but I discovered it when I saw Daniel Handler's sketch of it in The Unauthorized Autobiography.

Don't claim my theories as your own!
Don't spoil the new book for me in the comments, either.
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