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So, who's finished the book?

I read it out loud to my sister. It's much more fun that way, because we can squee over the references to LSUA that no-one in the book gets, and work out the Sebald Code bits together, and whatnot. There was this one bit where the good Manager-guy (I'm dreadful with names) is explaining how the concierge bell system works, and says something like "I can't tell if you are assocciates or enemies please signal", and we were going "WAH they don't know the Sebald Code!"
We still don't know what the Sugar Bowl is for. They're called follow-up questions, kids. Jeez. The name given to it- Vessel For Dissacharides- was ingenious.
The voice thing with the Man with a beard but no hair and the woman with hair but no beard (hee) is suss. Voice Fakery Disguise, perhaps? It's just, every time he mentions them, he's all "The woman totally has this REALLY DEEP VOICE, all right? REALLY deep. And the man has a REALLY HOARSE VOICE. You got that? Run it back for me. You sure you've got it? Really? Okay."
Honestly, who hadn't pegged Dewey as a redshirt the moment he turned up?
Also, Olaf is now a complete arse. We all know he's an evil villian, but that's no excuse for making Esme and Carmelita die in the fire. "Fire? What fire? There's no fire. You just stay in the hotel, no matter what. No, they turned the central heating up, that's all." Look at Hannibal Lecter. There's evil incarnate who'll eat your liver and still make you feel like he's done you a favour.
The random taxi driver man has the sugar bowl now. Good-oh.
The Baudelaire's parents killed Olaf's parents with poison darts? Ooo. That's interesting, so I'll forgive Lemony for smacking us over the head with the "Noble People Sometimes Have To Do Villanous Things- Does This Make Them Evil? Discuss." theme again.
OLAF SCREAMED FOR HIS MUMMY/MOMMY. HAHAHAHAH. Wonder if he'll die, or if he'll bugger off to some other country, or if he'll catch a plane to LA and crash on a desert island with baby-eaters and Giant Invisible Mechasaurs, or what.
I don't imagine the Baudelaires will live happily ever after. I like to think they'll have some massive task for their life work, like rebuilding VFD all on their own, that will keep them busy for the rest of their lives.
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