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How should we, who abjure spoilers, whittle away the hours before The Nameless Novel is named, and appears on bookshelves?

Shall we count up the letters in this clue and trust the tittle to The Littlest Elf?

Shall we follow the link to the Very Flawed (morraly) Dealer (of books) and find out what the actual title is?

I, for one, will pass my time in more erudite ways.

Just two days ago I found this fun little game. I suggest you play it now. It will keep you amused during these difficult times.

This is mine:

Good Stuff

Are you bothered by inopportune snow gnats? Do you feel Carmelita-like every day? Does your cake-sniffer hurt? Then THE VERY FINE DOOHICKEY is for you! This carnivorous, penultimate treat is chock-full of wasabi.

Here is what Duncan Quagmire of Village of Fowl Devotees, Mount Fraught had to say about THE VERY FINE DOOHICKEY. "I start every day with THE VERY FINE DOOHICKEY. It's simply erstatz! Even my tap-dancing ballerina fairy princess veterinarian loves it"

Don't delay! Buy THE VERY FINE DOOHICKEY today!
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